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damages patty dressed in blood

Someone Always Pays...

taking power away from a man is a dangerous thing

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Fix it then DOOOO IT!
SNL it needs to be FIXED
So I always feel like I want to and should do a friends cut.
A REAL cut where I cut people that I don't talk to anymore or just don't post about things that interest me and I can NEVER do it. I always end up just cutting 3 or 4 people that have either removed me first or literally don't post at all.

Why is this important to you?
If you are chicken like me now's the chance for you to drop me like I'm hot if you so desire. I swear that I will NOT take it personally and we will both probably be relieved. I do not post as much as I used to and I always say I'm going to get better, but work keeps winning out that suck for me and my flist. Do us both a favor and be the man in our relationship and FIX IT, k?
Thank you, kindly ♥

Oh and if you are one of the ones that I never talk to but really still feel the need to keep around I will take this as a sign that it is an unrequited love and let you leave in peace.

In other flist news, I finally removed someone that I've been hanging on to for over a year. It's weird when someone you only know over the internet dies because then you (or I do) have an even higher guilt factor when it comes to cutting them. For me it's cutting the only connection you have left to them and even if you weren't best friends or anything it's still just seems weird and wrong. If anything ever happened to any of you and you just disappeared without warning or explanation it would completely suck and I would miss you so hard. Like I know she'll never post again and her family and friends have no idea what her passwords and such are so it's not like there will ever be a 'closure post', but I am still having an issue. I guess I'm just thinking that if it were me I would hope that my online friends would feel the same way. Anyhoodle... [/rant]

I am off to catch up on season 4 of How I Met Your Mother and I think you know what kind of event it's going to be...

EDIT: You don't have to comment and ask to stay. Chances are that if you are reading this, I didn't cut you because I only have the cohones to cut those who I know cut me already or literally stop posting to LJ all together. This is a chance for you to cut me and I won't hold it against you or ask questions. Make like Nike and just do it.

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I miss youuuuu, come back forever kthx.

I miss you, tooooo.

Thanks for making me feel like a jerk, btw.
That was helpful. Seriously, BECAUSE I AM.

I know exactly what you mean; I'm a terrible lj user. I really want to comment more but once I get in from a day or either work or what not, I tend to crash out and that's me. Plus crazy as it is, I'm trying the spoiler free route for BSG, so sometimes it's better to just avoid the temptation that lj gives, which is soooooooo hard at times.

Oh LJ is completely the WRONG place to be if you want to stay spoiler free for BSG. I think that is part of the reason I stay away because icons aren't even safe... and if you have a big ole ALSKDASLHFSFKHSKF before a cut, I don't think that counts. I have an incredibly high standard when it comes to what does and doesn't spoil me so lately I tend to avoid my BSG friends like the plague LOL We can be friends again in 5 weeks ;)

Btw, you are one of the only flisters that I have that I know never posts and it completely doesn't bother me since you made me aware of it going in :p Plus your icon is ADORABLE ♥

Key smashes before a cut are the WORST. The temptation is a nightmare because all you can think is "I WANNA KNOW" and it's even more hellish when it's someone you know to be an A/R or Roslin fan.

Yeah, never much of a diary keeper at anytime. That and I can't imagine anyone wanting to hear the minutia of what I do all day at work. Biting the top of pens isn't all that interesting :P . I joined LJ mainly to get access to the members only bits of the A/R and Mary comms and talk to some fellow fans.
The talking thing sort of fell through though with work and what not :( Still I try though.

Icon - Thanks! I can't take credit for it though and being the prat that I am, I can't remember who actually made it.

I love my A/R peeps but they are the worst about that :D

My username reminds me why I joined up (originally for LOST and musical icons) and now I pretty much hate LOST and could take or leave musicals, but I am always temperamental with what I obsess over. It would seem I have no qualms about making entire entries about absolutely nothing so it's a miracle any of you people stick around LOL

Like I know she'll never post again and her family and friends have no idea what her passwords and such are so it's not like there will ever be a 'closure post', but I am still having an issue.

I think I would feel very guilty about cutting someone who've died but still has the journal. I really would.

Yeah, that's the whole thing. The journal will probably always be there, right? I mean it's been over a year and I'm guessing none of her friends or family know how to access it or close it if they even know it exists. If I knew how to access it I would NEVER be able to close it. That's just the issue I have now x1000. It's looking at the list where you edit friends and there's a green arrow and a blue arrow and to remove the green one and leave the blue one there forever by itself just seems... wrong.

::clings:: Please don't cut me. :) I'm terrible, I haven't posted or commented much in a while but the more I hear from and about you the more I want to know you better and not lose you from my flist :)

BTW, I know what you mean about cutting someone from your flist who's died, I had the same thing but with emails. It's hard to let go of that last connection.

Oh please :p You are more than safe, my friend. I've cut everyone I have the guts to so it was kind of a request for those who know they don't comment or receive comments fromme anymore to do the grown up thing I can't :p You weren't even on the short list ♥

When I said in my post that I cut her loose, I actually didn't. I just can't. *sigh*

I don't blame you, it is horrible seeing those arrows on the manage your friends list, when one is there and the other isn't.

I keep meaning to do a cut, not just on my LJ but on facebook as well. There are people on facebook that I never talk to or see anymore. I should get around to it at some point :) I'm procrastinating over it :)

Those single arrows are the WORST! I do not deal well with rejection and green arrows without the accompanying blue are oh so sad.

Argh, don't even get me started on Facebook! I was seriously gonna just save that for people I knew I would always want to talk to, but it's turned into the whore fest that MySpace is now and it's frustrating me. I am choosing to ignore it all together... yeah, that will work best.

Can I stay? I don't comment much but I always read. :)

Hee, of course!
This was just an invitation for people to cut me with no hard feelings because I am too big of a wuss to do it, but you were not one of the people I was hoping would read this ;)

Looking again at your profile page, it's virtually impossible for me to cut you!

Ah that mean I gotta stay ;-)?

Like you could leave me?

I always get so weird about cutting people off of my flist, too. I typically do it once a year during my 'spring cleaning' time of the year. I think it's awkward because someone can not talk to you for months and months and months, and then when you cut them, all of a sudden you get a comment going "HEY WHY DID YOU CUT ME?!"


Exactly. I have no balls to do it really so I usually just suffer through their ramblings and never comment hoping they'll cut me someday.

Someone on my friends list died several years ago, and I felt sad whenever I saw her name on my profile page. I did finally remove her and even banned her so she wouldn't be in my friend of list, either, once that became a possibility. And yes, I do still feel guilty about that.

I'm Irish Catholic (well, born and raised, anyway); everything makes me feel guilty.

Yeah, when I said I took her off, I lied. I can't do it. I even looked at her profile page and she still has 150+ mutual friends so it helps that I am not the only one. That's healthy, right?

It's probably healthier than banning her just so you won't see her name on your profile page anymore because you don't like to feel ouchy inside.

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