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damages patty dressed in blood

Someone Always Pays...

taking power away from a man is a dangerous thing

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For the_friday_spam: Nancy Wilson
music the nance
Normal - Candid, unstyled, and very little or no makeup. Just real life.


Birthday suits count as "normal", yes?




This was from a pre-election Obama event at UCLA where Heart performed "Times Are A-Changing". It was pretty epic.

I think of of these is one of the guys from Big & Rich?? She looks scared and I do not blame her.

The Nance pre-show with lead guitarist Craig Bartock. I imagine them making the Curly 'Three Stooges' noise :p



Yeah, she's wearing a Fast Times At Ridgemont High t-shirt because she is married to Cameron Crowe and spouse-pimpage is ♥

and because it's St. Valentine's Day tomorrow, I give you a video also featuring Nancy Wilson who would like to share with you Heart's core message ♥ (also in "normal" mode and probably filmed by Cameron Crowe :p)

I ♥ you, flist! ♥
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Yay, a video!

Great picspam!

Many thanks!
Thanks for doing Maggie, this week, too, btw :D

You're welcome - I <3 Maggie!

Awesome spam!!! ^^
Nancy is so pretty ♥
I'm thinking I need to listen to some Heart now :)

Also, ubercute vid! Lolz at the dog!

Aww, thanks :D

That's Charlie and he's adorable ♥


I have officially decided here and now that she is awesome.

Hell yeah you have! W00t!

Also I think the_friday_spam is all that's keeping me linked to LJ these days so thanks for that.

Awesome picspams are ♥

Awesome choice! Heart totally rock!

Wow, she is so beautiful!!

Isn't she? ♥
We have the best taste, yes? :p

Nancy is the best!!! Is there anyone on the planet as adorable as Nancy F. Wilson? Yeah, I didn't think so.

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