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Rock On, Gold Dust Woman...
music stevie is an effing rockstar
Tonight is the night, my lovelies. Who is excited or me?

Never seen them before. Super stoked.

To give the flist some perspective: For me (for you), tonight is the equivalent of going to SF Ball to meet Mary (and/or Eddie), reading the best Snape/Lupin fic of your life while eating the best muffin ever created, seeing Jean Smart in a play and having her actually show up, getting to watch House/Cuddy film their love scene before anyone else or having Annette O'Toole refer to you as "my *insert your name*" TO YOUR FACE.
Yeah, it's that big.
I am an easy crowd.

You may wish to view and/or avoid my twitter feed this evening as I squee with NUMEROUS updates and possible pics (if we are close enough).

Love to all!
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Hope you both have a blast....V.Jealous!!! XO

Best time ever ♥
You'd have had a ball :)

I get you, even without all that "from your perspective" explaining. ♥ Have fun.

You are the only person on my flist who would know how I feel :p I took comfort in that.

Such an amazing night and I am already so very sad I won't be seeing them again for a very long time. I did just join The Ledge though (txgolddust) so you may see me around :D

Let's talk about how this post just came up IN MY ANNETTE GOOGLE ALERT. Epic.

Also I loved all your Tweets from last night. I'm so excited for you.

HAHAHA Yesssssss. Unlocked entries, FTW!

Thanks, dude ♥ It was pretty epic.


Who would change my monograaaaaaammm?
God, I loved that show so much ♥

I have so much catching up to do on your life, but I will get to it, I swear. You know I am slow with these things.

Yeah, bitch! You are like suuuuuuuuper extra mondo behind.

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