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For the_friday_spam : Ann & Nancy Wilson
music nancy cute in plaid

Heart ♥ - Ann & Nancy Wilson

This was from the Frosted Pink event. I love this picture SO. MUCH.

See? That was super short, but only because I couldn't find any more pics with sunglasses. I should be posting about BSG and yet I am not.
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Yay for Ann and Nancy picspams! They are teh gorgeous!

Lovely picspam =) The red/orange sunglasses are hot!

also... Sharon! ♥

Awesome spam! ^^
The first pic of fab! (yayness for Sharon, as well)
Also, LOVING the two pics of Nancy with really red hair! ♥

Hee, ty! I loooved that color of hair on her and I would have used more of those but I couldn't find any unwater-marked ones :p

Not only do I love the Wilson sisters for past music and for their hotness, I always love that I kind of forget how good they are and then they blow me away with their sheer talent. Especially live.

They are incredible live and still GORGEOUS in person. Makes me sick :p I have probably asked you this before, but have you seen them in concert lately? They have a few tour dates this year set up already with more to come.

Great pics plus SHARON &hearts&hearts

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