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jem idk my bff


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oh my! can we be friends?!
okay, so there's the west wing & studio 60, then there's greys anatomy, but your journal title is from MYTHBUSTERS and that is all kinds of AWESOME!!!!!

into the woods owns my heart, as does sunday in the park with george!
also you have a banner of mine in your userinfo!!
*gives a winning smile*

We most certainly can! It's almost sad that we weren't friends before. A Sorkin lover and a Sondheim fan? *hugs*

I'm on a bit of a 24 kick at the moment, but come fall I have a feeling Grey's and Studio 60 will dominate my life :P

Oh, and Adam & Jamie ROCK!

We’d like to invite you to join our new community devoted to the snarkiness that was Chicago Hope. It appears from your interests that you might be interested in playing with us in our sandbox. Please check us out. We’re unlike many communities out there. In fact, one of the mods is only a member of this community. If you want to snark with us, mock things with us, or just listen to us snark and mock, please join us at whipping_pants. We’ll be the ones listening to Mandy Patinkin in our cars with the windows down.

Just got your friend request

And I was wondering if I could be added to your list.

Thanks :)

Re: Just got your friend request

You have been added :) Welcome!

Can we please be friends?

You like The Daily Show, and The west Wing, enough said, we should be friends.


Re: Can we please be friends?

Sorry for the late reply :( You look like good people to me :D
*friends you*

So, you like 24, Broadway musicals, Rufus Wainwright, Bill/Karen, AND you play the guitar?

We have to be friends.

I agree with your assessment. Being friends is a must :D
*looks at your profile*
Hee! Philip & Harley? I used to be so addicted to GL. I haven't watched that in ages.

LOVE MUSICALS! And if by 'play' the guitar you mean that I own one and strum it awkwardly on occassion? Then yes, I play guitar. ♥ I aspire to be Nancy Wilson ♥


Sorry to bug you in your personal journal, but I'm the mod/maintainer over at allianceofheart a Bill/Karen comm, that I'm trying to get off the ground and I was wondering if you'd like glenmorshower to be affiliated with us!

You can just randomly leave a msg for me in eljay if you're interested! lol



How did I not know you had an LJ? Adding you :)

Hee :P And I thought we were already friends *headdesk*
Adding you back :D

let's see, someone else who loves sorkin, sondheim, vienna teng, the office. basically the only thing we might not have in common is 24. so i'm adding you. add me back?

Yeah, we definately need to be friends.
*friends you back*
I'm so very glad you found me.
And I'm pretty sure I'm over 24 for good so welcome!

Was ____chopsticks, now I'm not. Add me back?

Of course, my dear!
Love the new name ♥

thank you to sharing A/R love in the comm's ;) It's very nice..Can we be friends ?

I am ALWAYS happy to have moe BSG friends. I see you like ST:V, Kate Mulgrew and West Wing, too. YAY!

Welcome :D

NOTE: I am a BIT obsessed with Harry Potter at the moment, but come April I am sure that will fall by the wayside :P

Hi!!! Can I be added to your flist? :D I found you through childminerva and then I squee'd over your user info with the words 'ME TOO!' constantly coming to mind :D

I agree that High Society should NEVER have been cancelled. Adama and Roslin belong together, as did Janeway/Chakotay and Picard/Crusher (even now I'm still holding out hope that SOMEHOW there might be a Star Trek film that gives me my wish). BSG rules, as does David Bowie. Firefly was amazing but Serenity made me cry (trying not to think about it) Oh and I LOVE WICKED!

Commenting because I would love to be added and take a peek behind your locks. If you've got stuff you don't want leeked for some reason, don't worry, because I know how to keep a secret.

Thanks, and take care! :)

Okay, I am lame and I don't think I ever responded...
and welcome ♥

Secret keepers, ftw!

I saw you on the Samantha Who community. And you like Brothers & Sisters, and Sondheim, and Studio 60, and SJB. So you win. Friends?


Hi :) I took a look at your profile and we have quite a lot of friends and interests in common. :D

Would you like to be friends? ;)

Why, yes I would! :D

We do have quite a few common interests and friends!


fhkdhgsldfh okay. I know you juuust did a cut but Skye told me tonight that we should be friends and I trust her judgment. Plus I'm pretty sure our conversations tonight have been the funniest things I've experienced in a while. Y/N?

JIM IN HAT!! Man, he was seriously the sex.

Oh, for sure. LMAO, yeah I did a cut, but that was technically yesterday so I am now free to add people.


Dammit, if I don't want Murphy Brown icons now.

(Deleted comment)
Hello there! I do not mind at all! I hardly ever post and I suck at commenting, but I'd be happy to have you :D Your icons are fab!
*hugs new friend*

Sorkinista + BSG = BFF *giggles*

(Deleted comment)
Are you not going to do ep discussions for SW anymore? I had a question and didn't notice a discussion post. Cool if I just ask my question? :)

Hello! I didn't ever get much of a response, but you are more than welcome to post! I will start posting them again next week and see what we get now. Ask away!

Hey mind refriending me? I accidentally deleted everyone when I renamed my journal. Whoopsie.

Hee, of course!
New name is cute :)

You love Adama/Roslin AND Sondheim? Friend me?

Hee! I suck at commenting and only update sporadically, but I'll be happy to add you :D

New friends are ♥ and any fan of JDM is a friend of mine ;-)

Hi, I'm on LJ and finally realized that you were too. I LOVE that Martha/Aaron icon. Can I use it? Also, how are you?

I’ve been into blogging for quite some time and this is definitely a great post.Cheers!

Just coming by to wish you a belated happy birthday ;) Hope it was a great day :D

Miss you so much :) Hope you're doing well :) Happy Birthday :)

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